Web Development

As a web development company with many years total programming experience, we can convert your business requirement into a working website.


We use e-commerce software which enables us to customise the code to do exactly what YOU want.

Creating a shopping cart that showcases your products is not just a “drag-and-drop” job. We can create a shopping cart that will present your products to millions of people. It has to look right, and it has to do the job of converting visitors into paying customers. Not only that, but the pages have to be search engine friendly in order to bring prospective customers to your website in order to get the conversions. Our e-commerce sites bring business to you.

Bespoke Functionality – True Web Development

Years of experience has taught us that EVERY company and business is unique. There will be at least one thing that you do that is different to the way that everyone else does it. That’s exactly why an “out-of-the-box” web site will only go so far. That 80% or 90% is fine. But when you need to get the remaining 10% to 20% done the way that YOU want it done, go ahead and contact us.

Database Integration

Sometimes you will have an existing system for keeping track of customers, orders, and so on.  If you do, then we can integrate existing Access, MS-SQL or MySQL/PHP databases into your website, for optimal use of existing legacy systems.  If you don’t have an existing system but feel that you need one, we can design and build you a database system from scratch that will meet your exact needs.