Marketing versus Design

There are basically two ways of approaching building a website.

The first is to use something like WordPress so that the emphasis can go into the content management, the site structure and the SEO.

The second is to concentrate on a unique design and user experience, and hope to get word-of-mouth promotion of the site.  Any changes or SEO optimisation is a pain because it has to be done via something like Dreamweaver or other HTML editor on a page by page basis, as each page is virtually unique and is difficult to template.

The second, HTML editor, option, is an expensive way because it is extremely labour intensive.  The menus have to be built in the HTML editor as well, so any change to the structure has to be done within the editor.  Hence we would need all of the initial content and a finalised structure before we could start.

The first, WordPress, option, is much faster because you are using a “user-familiar” design approach – (the menus are at the horizontally at the top of the page, or vertically on the left/right), and this makes for a simple template design and build.  New pages can be added to the site structure and menus on the fly, and all content, images, or galleries on the site are modifiable by anyone with a few minutes training on how to do it.  SEO functionality is built into each page, and adding or updating this is truly simple.  Google Analytics is also included so you can get immediate feedback on the SEO strategy you have adopted.  Wordpress is more SEO friendly than most other systems, as it has been designed with SEO firmly in mind.  The cost of a WordPress site is also much lower, as it can be done much faster.  All that is needed at the outset is a basic site structure.

In my professional opinion, the bottom line is “what is going to work for your target market“.  If they are mostly creatives who will be swayed mostly by the appearance of the site, then you should go with a creative design.

If they are mostly corporates, they are most likely to want to be able to navigate the site easily by using a familiar site structure and to see examples of the projects completed.  For this, something like WordPress would be ideal.

But the look of the site should be a Marketing decision only.  That is, which approach do you think will get you the most leads and business from your target market?

In the long run, that’s the only thing that actually matters.

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