6 Steps Guide To Create Engaging Content

Clients often ask me what engaging content actually is. The answer is that it is content that is written with a serious interest in the subject. If you write about things that you are passionate about, the chances are that you will create original content that people are interested in. Here are a few guidelines you should follow in an effort to create what Google considers high-quality content.

Steps and guidelines that help you write engaging content

The folks at digitalmarketingphilippines.com have put together this great infographic with 6 steps and basic guidelines to help you write engaging content.

Step 1: Focus on current trends – People just love trends and following trends is simply within their human nature.

Step 2: Write stories that appeal to readers emotions – People love to read heart touching stories it actually helps them to remember what you’ve written about.

Step 3: Drive engagement with visual elements – We all love visual elements, that’s why infographics are so popular.

Step 4: Support your content with facts and links – Misleading content and fake news is socially unacceptable. Try to support a claim with links to facts.

Step 5 Diversify your types of content – Try to diversify your content and create various types of engaging content that your readers are interested in.

Step 6: Give them something to take away – Offer your readers content take away, for example, an eBook, white paper or presentation.

(Useful tip: do research, look for trends and find out what topics people are already responding to.)

6 Steps Guide To Create Engaging Content

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