Web Hosting

Isn’t Web Hosting something that I can get anywhere?

web hostingYes, it is. But as usual, you only get the web hosting service that you pay for.

Quite independently of our design and development services, we are able to supply you with stand-alone web hosting if you need it. We have our own dedicated secure and managed servers through our sister company, Affinity Hosting.

We prefer to host our client’s websites ourselves, for the rather simple reason that we can then control every aspect of the website speed and the server performance.

Google penalises sites if they are slow – or I should say that they just don’t give you more ranking points, which is pretty much the same thing.  If your competitors have a faster loading website, then the chances are that they will appear in the search engine results above your listing.

Fast, reliable web hosting can make a huge difference, and not just to your position in the search engines. It is also a well-researched fact that people will just click away from your site if they feel it is taking too long to load. This is literally a case where “seconds count”. And after all the hard work, the design, the development, the building, the creation of the content, selection of the images, getting approvals, search engine optimisation and all of the other bits and pieces that go into the creation of your site, then it seems a shame to waste all of that effort by having a website that loads a bit slower than someone else’s.

If we build your site, and you need hosting, then you should know that we not only provide our top class service and support as standard, but we also provide your first years hosting, including email handling, absolutely free of charge.

But for straight web hosting, our standard price for no-frills, “all-you-can-eat” hosting is very cheap.  Check it out here.

You can contact us directly for more details if you have any questions, or to have us set up your hosting space for you.