The Basics of SEO

There is much drivel talked about Search Engine optimisation.

There are a lot of people who would like you to believe that the whole subject is complex and mysterious.  It isn’t.

They would like you to believe that only they have the secrets to Google’s search engine.  They don’t.

The basics are these.

1) Write for people first.  if you were to arrive at a page that mentioned “blue widgets” 8 times in the first paragraph, don’t you think that you would feel a little conned that you had been gotten to the page under false pretences?

2) Make sure that the keywords you want to promote for that page are in the title, keywords and description meta tags of that page.  Also make sure that they are mentioned in the <H1> tag, and the actual text content on the page, as part of the natural flow of writing on the page.

That’s it.

Yes, of course there are other things to know.  Yes, of course other people linking back to your page will make a difference in the long term.  But the above things truly are all the real basics that you need to know to make your page Google Friendly in the beginning.