Do you have a Marketing Strategy?

Among the many things that I personally spend my time on during any given month, (aside from running a business and helping with the charity that my wife runs), I also do presentations to small businesses about building web sites.

I  spend the first 15 minutes of my presentation talking about Business Plans, and the importance of having a proper Business Plan. Only when you have proper business plan can you make a proper marketing strategy. And only when you have a proper marketing strategy, can you make a proper Media plan.

Finally, I go over how your web site fits into your Media plan. When you put it all into perspective, your web site is just a small part of your overall strategy. You have to have a picture of how it all fits together before you can see if you are aiming at the correct audience. If you know the exact audience you want to talk to, it’s fairly easy to work out what the design of the web site has to include in order for it to appeal to that audience.

Web sites are now highly technical and complex beasts. We at WebDesigns are fantastic at providing reliable hosting, at building web sites of all sizes with complex functionality and interactivity.

Because we know our strengths, we work very closely with professional marketing and design houses so that we can produce the best possible Return on Investment for you.

Are you looking to get a new web site built, or an existing web site revamped or upgraded?

If so, we would be delighted to talk to you about building a web site that really DOES fit into your marketing strategy.