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Custom Web Design

Web Design

Being a web design company, we can of course provide you with a fully bespoke design if you don't already have one. If you already have a design, we can turn it into a fully working web site.

Web Hosting

In order to fully round out our services, we can provide web hosting on shared, virtual or dedicated cloud-based servers to all of our clients. We also provide this as a stand-alone service to anyway who needs it.

Web Development

Many of our clients are web design companies who need technical backup to provide web functionality for their own clients. For example, eCommerce sites, or specialised plugins. We are able to provide this support.

Latest Articles

The Design comes AFTER the Marketing Plan!

It’s a smart business move to have a well-designed website. But good design — even great design — won’t solve all your business problems. Not even close. Design is NOT a magic pill If you don’t have a basic marketing plan in place, design can’t achieve anything really worthwhile. The first questions I ask people…

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Do you have a Marketing Strategy?

Among the many things that I personally spend my time on during any given month, (aside from running a business and helping with the charity that my wife runs), I also do presentations to small businesses about building web sites. I  spend the first 15 minutes of my presentation talking about Business Plans, and the…

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Marketing versus Design

There are basically two ways of coming at building a website. The first is to use something like WordPress so that the emphasis can go onto the content management, the site structure and the SEO. The second is to concentrate on a unique design and user experience, and hope to get word-of-mouth promotion of the…

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Why you need a Marketing Strategy. Seriously.

Where does a Web site and Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation actually fit into the grand scheme of things? I have done a few seminars now on Social Media. Before I can get to social media questions, I have to go through the whole sequence of points that is Marketing Strategy. The majority of…

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Building Effective Web Sites – Web Development

Yes, web development is a “thing”.  When developing a website, there are a million things that have to get done. There is the design, the workability, the coding, and, of course, the search engine optimisation and inclusion of analytics code. It can be easy to accidentally overlook a few of the details unless you work…

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Six good reasons why you need a Blog

Many people think that writing is hard, and although they would like to have a blog on their web site, it can be tough to confront finding something “useful” to say.  In most cases, you will need a blog.  We can help with the writing part if needed, but the main points for having a…

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The Basics of SEO

There is much drivel talked about Search Engine optimisation. There are a lot of people who would like you to believe that the whole subject is complex and mysterious.  It isn’t. They would like you to believe that only they have the secrets to Google’s search engine.  They don’t. The basics are these. 1) Write for…

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A Bit About Us

We are a web design and development house, originally based in West Sussex, but now relocated to our new home in North Wales.  In geographic terms, we are halfway up a mountain in Snowdonia, about 4 miles inland from Caernarfon.

In virtual terms, the majority of our web design clients are based in the UK.  But thanks to the internet, that doesn't stop us from servicing our clients all over the world, including places as diverse as Spain, Indonesia and Bangladesh.